Is Russian customer segment an important target group for your business?

How do your business utilize the most famous Russian Internet channels? How Russian customers get information about your products or services and what are the ways to purchase them?

If your answer was "Yes" to the title of this blog and "I don't know" to the following questions, you should continue reading this blog.

Nowadays Russian markets are fastest growing in Europe. For instance, last year Russian tourists spent 750 million euro in Finland. Russian tourists made 2,4 million trips to Finland and it means that per person they spent over 300 euro during each trip. This year, the rate of income in Finland , generated due to purchases made by Russian tourists, is still growing.

Hence, Russian markets have a huge potentiality. However, the reader of this blog may wonder: how my company could utilize this potentiality and is it possible with the marketing activities made by my company to reach the Russian customers?

The most cost-effective way to market to Russia is Internet marketing. Internet penetration in Russia is the fastest growing in Europe and currently the number of Internet users is 80 million people. In two biggest cities, Moscow and St Petersburg, 70 % of adult people are using Internet on daily basis; in total it accounts over 5 million people.

Though Internet marketing in Russia is something different.

In Russia, you have to market your services and products in Russian. Russian language is not the easiest one for foreigners to learn and therefore it would be good to acquire marketing services from native Russian speaking people.

When social media becomes more important marketing channel, it means that the demand for customer service in Russian is also increasing.

In addition to language, you have to remember Cyrillic alphabets as well. Algorithms of Russian search engines base on Cyrillic letters. This means that the texts written in Roman letters never reach the top of the search results if they compete with Cyrillic texts. Search engines also favour Russian domains such as .ru and .rf.

If you want to success in Russian Internet marketing, you can’t rely only on Google. The most used search engine in Russia is Yandex. The meaning of Yandex is even bigger, because it is not only a search engine, but also the channel, which offers big amount versatile services.

Russia has its own social media channels, which are widely used in marketing purposes, because consumers use them as source of information and search for product references from their friends. The social aspect of shopping is much higher in Russia than in many other countries. According to statistics, over 70 % of consumers in Russia state that the recommendation from the friend or relatives is the most important factor in purchase decision-making process.

If you are interested about marketing in Russia, but you don’t know how to go forward, contact us! We will help you to find the ways that your present Internet infrastructure will carry out the benefit of your company in Russian markets as well. Our aim is not only to increase the visibility, but also the conversion rate of our clients on Russian markets.

Our mission is to make Russian markets to be your markets!